Our mission is to assist pets and their owners in gaining optimum mobility, aiming for the highest ability, comfort, and fitness, especially with long term, chronic conditions.


At Back on Track, we build for your pet's long term health.  Our programs are designed to help you learn to help your pet. In addition to our in-clinic therapy plans, each client is provided with a comprehensive customized home care program. Since each animal has different circumstances, time spent planning therapy is critical to reaching your pet's optimum performance level.

Our treatment methods typically incorporate a significant amount of manual therapies by our vets and techs. Treatment modalities range from underwater treadmills and pools to physio- balls and inclines with a variety of methods for application. Individual pets need to be assessed for their tolerance and ability to accept each modality.  A thorough evaluation of your pet by our veterinarians determines the best care plan to enhance healing, recovery, and overall well-being. Our staff then tracks your pet's progress to key milestones.


There is no ONE PERFECT treatment and there is no TYPICAL case. Every pet comes with a history of insults, illnesses and injuries. Each breed presents its own concerns physically and mentally. Each pet occupies its own role within the household and social structure. Each home has its own physical and environmental components to consider.

For every dog that presents with a cranial cruciate ligament (CCL or ACL) injury, there are a dozen different approaches. Surgery is not the best answer in all cases. Should your pet be one that would do best with surgery, we will discuss why and how it will benefit. We understand that not all situations are ideal, but we will help you do the best with what you have. 


Fun Facts about our patients

Patients 95% dogs, 5% cats
Oddities alpaca, duck, goat, rat, lamb
Top Breeds Goldens, Labs, GSDs, Corgis, Dachshunds, Newfs
Oldest dog seen at BOT 19
Oldest cat seen at BOT 19

BOT Patient Occupations

Police dogs
Service dogs
Therapy dogs           Herding/Field trialing
Racing/Lure coursing
Search & Rescue
Nose work/Barn hunting
Couch Potato

Fun patient names