For Vets

Back on Track is strictly a referral center for rehabilitation. Although a licensed veterinarian runs our center, general care issues will be referred back to the primary care veterinarian or on to a specialist for treatment. Our staff provides you with updates and progress reports in order to keep you informed of your client's/patient's treatment. Therapy is a complementary service to general practice and by no means replaces traditional veterinary care.

We have consulted on various cases with vets, surgeons, physical therapists and owners from across the country, while centering our practice in the Pacific Northwest. We have performed initial therapy for several long distance cases, then coordinated ongoing follow-up care with the pet's local vet and caregivers.

As the longest standing Veterinary Physical Therapy and Fitness Center in the Pacific Northwest, we at Back on Track have treated thousands of cases and find the ongoing experiences invaluable in the evaluation, and treatment of your patients. Our pre-appointment procedures involve obtaining as much information as possible about the patients including history, issues and pertinent medical information which may affect the patient's recovery.

General rules of thumb about lameness or pain that warrants a rehab evaluation:

  • persisting for more than 3 weeks, or is recurrent over 3 months,
  • does not respond to NSAIDs or steroids,
  • tramadol and/or gabapentin no longer control pain,
  • incontinence accompanied by back pain,
  • less than fully functional within 2-3 weeks of spinal surgery,
  • non-localizing lameness, or
  • any other case that the client wants better response or to slow progression.

We treat cases involving osteoarthritis, dysplasia, lumbosacral disease, spinal trauma, neuropathies, orthopedic trauma, soft tissue injuries, deconditioning following oncological care, obesity, general fitness, and compensatory injuries. Our patients include working dogs, competitive athletes, therapy dogs, retired racing dogs, rescue dogs, amputees, paralyzed pets, Schutzhund dogs, and family pets, including cats.

When you have patients that suffer from any mobility-compromising conditions, ask us how therapy may help. Please call our office (503-546-8995) to schedule a conference with one of our vets or e-mail your questions to