Initial Evaluations For New Clients

Do I need to have a referral from my vet or surgeon to visit Back on Track?

No. While most of our patients are referred by a vet or surgeon, we do accept self referrals. However, we do ask that you provide information about the vets your pet has seen in the last few years so that our doctor may obtain and review your pet's important medical information. If your pet has had any radiographs (X-ray pictures) or surgery, it is important for our staff to be aware of this. We may need to see your pet's radiographs and can request them from your veterinarian if needed.

How long does an evaluation take?

You should plan about 90-120 minutes for an initial evaluation. Arrive for your appointment a few minutes early to complete paperwork.

What is the fee for an initial evaluation?

$350. This does not include supplements or medications prescribed. At the time of scheduling, we may take a $100.00 deposit to hold your appointment. The deposit will go towards the cost of the appointment upon completion.

What happens at the initial evaluation?

Our veterinarian takes time at the beginning to observe your pet's movement around the clinic, noting issues with gait, function, standing, sitting, etc. A thorough history of your pet's problem is taken. Radiographs, if present, may be review and discussed.

We then carefully examine your pet's joints and muscles, evaluating lameness, strength, flexibility, pain sensation, and neurological soundness. This is an exam of function and compensation or adaptation, to evaluate how your pet is coping and to see how they respond to different therapy techniques. We perform manual (hands-on) therapies as we evaluate, so your pet can move and feel better even with their first visit.

Once the exam is complete, we work with you to develop a rehabilitation treatment plan which fits you and your pet's needs. This may involve in-clinic as well as at-home treatments, supplements, and/or medications. All recommendations are summarized for you in an easy-to-read format. Home care instructions and exercise plan handouts are included with an end-of-visit summary.

There may be situations in which we determine that your pet needs further diagnostics or needs followup by another veterinarian for internal medical, behavioral, dermatological, opthalmological or surgical evaluation. If this is the case, we will try to provide resources or explain the basics of what to expect or why we are referring for treatment elsewhere.

What happens next?

Our technicians review your end-of-visit summary with you and answer questions you may have about your rehabilitation plan, medications, or supplements. Then our reception staff will help you to schedule appointments for your next visit.