New and Newer at Back on Track

We've been busier than ever here at Back on Track. We have hired a second veterinary therapist, Dr. Jonit Greenberger, and are happily providing more services and time slots for the pets of the Pacific Northwest. We are training new staff to assist or veterinarians, so you can look forward to more new faces, with the same personal care and attention.

As you can see, our new website is functional, although still being updated. We switched platforms and software as well as updating some of our photos. Look for us on Facebook as well!

We are busy expanding into our extended space and hours. You can now drop off your pet as early as 7:30am, and pickup as late as 7:30pm. We have added a 3rd water treadmill in a separate room for those less-than-social dogs.

We also have a semi-self-serve bathing facility with a jetted hose called a HydroSurge, and a high-velocity dryer to reduce the drip factor (although my dog thinks the dryer is a vacuum and attacks it, luckily it has a rubber nozzle). Our staff can bathe your pets (scheduled in advance) or you can do it yourself, and we have a medicated shampoo option as well.